Patented Leak Free Spray Nozzles

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Leak Free Spray NozzlesZ Nozzle (Zero Drip) Lubricant Application Nozzles

The Z Nozzle lubricant application nozzles incorporate into its design a unique concept for the controlled application of lubricants using a spray lubricator. This revolutionary spray lubricator nozzle assembly combines low pressure with high velocity to produce the most effective means of applying lubricants.

Part Number Designation For High Velocity Spray Lubricator Nozzles

Complete Assembly Part Number:
Leak Free Spray Nozzles

Spray Tube Assembly ONLY Part Number:
Leak Free Spray Nozzles

Part Number Designation And Description For Spray Lubricator Tips
Leak Free Spray Nozzles

25 Degree 01 = .1 GPM @ 40 PSI (Water)
40 Degree 015 = .15 GPM @ 40 PSI (Water)
65 Degree 02 = .2 GPM @ 40 PSI (Water)
80 Degree 03 = .3 GPM @ 40 PSI (Water)
110 Degree 04 = .4 GPM @ 40 PSI (Water)

  1. Magnetic based spray lubricator nozzles including magnetic base universal position adjustment and the HIGH VELOCITY nozzle body and internal components (HV-MB-L/H-2/4-XXXX)
  2. HIGH VELOCITY nozzle assembly with universal position adjustment (no magnetic base) (HV-SW-H/L-XXXX)
  3. HIGH VELOCITY nozzle assembly including the nozzle body and internal components ONLY (HV-H/L-2/4-XXXX)
  4. Flexible Tubing for delivery of lubricant from the injector manifold assembly to the spray nozzles.
    • 1/8 inch diameter (Low Pressure)
    • 3/16 inch diameter (High Pressure)
    • 1/4 inch diameter

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