Industrial Innovations Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

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Industrial Innovations Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

February 22, 2021 - Industrial Innovations celebrates its 40th anniversary of providing industrial lubricant application and automation solutions for metal working industries.

For 40 years, Industrial Innovations has been providing manufacturing lubrication systems including: proportional mixers, sprayers, reclamation equipment and accessories since its founding in 1981. The current owner, Troy Turnbull, joined the company in early 2000 as VP of Manufacturing. In 2010 Mr. Turnbull became the President and Sole Owner, helping grow the business through better focus and lean production methods. The company designs and produces thousands of products each year, all done in-house using proven effective engineering principles, reliable component parts, and quality construction methods to deliver optimum performance and quality.

In 2014, Mr. Turnbull expanded his lubrication management solutions footprint within both the die-casting and foundry industries with the purchase of Advance Product Corporation’s automation division. Advance has a strong customer base using its reciprocating die sprayers, servo ladlers, robot extractors, temperature control systems and die spray and plunger tip lubricating systems.

Industrial Innovations has the know how across a wide range of metalworking sectors to optimize and manage lubrications programs for improved operations. They help boost productivity, improve die and tool life, achieve consistent part quality, and reduce your lubrication and removal fees.