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H 13 Plunger Tips

Advance™ Plunger Tips: Reliable, strong and heat resistant

Plunger Tips are the end part and most critical element of the shot end assembly. Its role is to contact the molten metal and force it through the sleeve and into the die cavities. This tip must withstand high temperatures and maintain dimensional repeatability to keep the seal with the shot sleeve eliminating flash back or blow holes in parts from escaped air. 

The Advance Plunger Tip is manufactured from superior grades of material, heat-treated to our specifications, and machined to the strictest of standards. Along with a custom designed coolant chamber, our tips ensure the geometrical stability needed in this rugged and demanding process. This will improve shot sleeve life, lower replacement costs and increase die casting production, all while keeping your work environment safer.


• Manufactured from premium H13 or Liquid Forged #20 Beryllium Copper
• Heat-treated or Nitrided for optimum wearability
• Coolant chamber design inhibits fluid movement and prevents cracking
• Sharp leading front edge and back corner prevent metal shaving inclusions
• Hi-Temp resistant O-ring seals block coolant leaks
• Custom designs and sizes available upon request
• Combine Advance Plungers & Tips with our “TLS Series” Tip Lubrication System

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Plunger and Tip Lubrication System

Utilizing the Advance Tip Lubrication system ensures free movement between the shot sleeve and the plunger tip. We locate the lube hole behind the tip and below the centerline, so that the lube is sprayed at the greatest point of contact which is on the bottom. Now your components will freely glide, lasting longer and permit continuous production. Combine our plungers with the Industrial Innovations ‘TLS Series’ tip lubrication system for a complete turn-key operation.

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