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SH-3004 Quad Spray Head Nozzle

Our Advance Automation SH-3004 Quad Spray Heads are a step-up with two spray nozzles on each side with manual volume adjustment needles. These spray heads are typically best suited for larger spray surface areas or higher volume requirements. You also have the option of having spray nozzles all installed on either side.

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Advanced SH-3004 Quad Spray Head Features

  • Wide Range of Spray Volumes from Ultra-Fine Mist to Heavy Dosing
  • Not Dependent on the Same Air and Lube Pressures (can vary from 40-110 psi)
  • .5 Gallon per Minute per Each Nozzle Outlet
  • No-Leak Construction Guaranteed
  • Either Internal or External Mix Nozzle Outlets Can Be Used on the Same Head
  • Nozzle Extension Options-2, 4, 6 Inch Options
  • Individual Nozzle Volume Control with Manual Turn Needles
  • Ejector or Coverside Options

Spray Head Bodies Available:

  • SH-3004-XXXX -Quad Nozzle (Opposed Sides)
  • SH-3004DE-XXXX -Quad Nozzle (Ejector Side)
  • SH-3004DC-XXXX -Quad Nozzle (Cover Side)

Note: for proper part number configuration, substitute XXXX with 4-digit tip number listed below 

Spray Head Tips Available:

  • 8977   Medium cone
  • 8969   90-degree cone
  • 8975   Oval shape
  • 8948   Fine fan
  • 8967   Medium fan
  • 8968   Wide fan
  • 8980   90-degree fan

Spray Head Extension Tubes Available:

  • SH-TUBE-001   2" Copper Extension Stationary-1/4" Tube
  • SH-TUBE-002   4" Copper Extension Stationary-1/4" Tube
  • SH-TUBE-003   6" Copper Extension Stationary-1/4" Tube
  • SH-TUBE-004   2" Aluminum Extension w/Nozzle Swivel-1/2" Tube
  • SH-TUBE-005   4" Aluminum Extension w/Nozzle Swivel-1/2" Tube
  • SH-TUBE-00     6" Aluminum Extension w/Nozzle Swivel-1/2" Tube

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