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ADVANCE AUTOMATION™  Manifolds - Bar, Dual Bar, and Picture Frame Types

The manifold is the heart of the spray system. Too often, little consideration is given to manifold design and usage. Your processes could be improved by utilizing a custom injector manifold assembly. When you consider that spraying can be the most time-consuming part of the total cycle, it is important to select a manifold that will:

  • Reduce cycle time
  • Give you a consistent, quality part
  • Reduce labor
  • Be easy to maintain
  • Will not leak
Single Bar Custom Injector Manifold

Permanent manifolds do not go out of adjustment and make die changeover quick. Also, with Advance Automation’s Vertical Reciprocators, die openings can be reduced. This produces greater die spraying efficiency and less over spray and run off. By reducing the die spray opening needed, faster cycle rates can be achieved, also.

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Industrial Innovations will assist you in custom injector manifold development. 

Design points of consideration:

  • Size of the die area
  • One or more stopping positions
  • Manifold size and weight
  • Required travel

Based on lubrication and press considerations, Industrial Innovations offers the following manifold types:


Single bar custom injector manifold assembly uses a simple straight bar with spray heads attached.  Typically used when sweeping the die area is desired. Most often used with one spray zone.

Single Bar Custom Injector Manifold

Dual Bar

Dual bar custom injector manifold assembly utilizes two bars that require different lube applications for each die area (cover or ejector half). Typically used with two spray zones for independent control and mounted onto a robot for manipulation. 

Dual Bar Custom Injector Manifold

Picture Frame

Picture frame custom injector manifold assembly is best suited for complex dies or spraying from one fixed point so that each cavity is independently controlled with shape and volume. This produces the shortest spray time and is available in both single and dual-zone capabilities.

Picture Frame Custom Injector Manifold

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