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Double MLR Recirculating System: Pro-Mix™ V

Continuous Flow Die Lube, 11 GPM Mix Delivery, HMI Controlled System 

Attention Metal Stampers - Maintain your lubricant to the desired ratio with our Pro-Mix™ V Double MLR - Recirculating System.  This proportional mixer keeps a continuous movement of fluid throughout your closed-loop system to maintain consistent lube ratios, promoting a tighter emulsion.  

The centralized pumping station sends lube to presses for ‘on-demand need’ that eliminates individual lube storage around plant.  This prevents the lubricant from becoming stagnant and separating.  

This system accurately mixes TWO different lube compounds to ONE mix ratio each, all digitally controlled through our CPM-5 electronic controls package with full HMI features.  It mixes at a max rate of 11gpm, monitors water and lube consumption, and has ultrasonic tank sensors for auto-refilling.

Another Industrial Innovation  Better Lube – Better Parts, Less Waste – Less Downtime.

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