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Graphite Lubricant Distribution System

This distribution system pumps graphite lubricant from a tote into a 250g mixing tank for final dispersal to a multiple press forging line. It utilizes two alternating pumps that easily maintain demand, prevents overuse, and acts as a backup if a failure occurs.  Each unit is capable of pumping 18gpm.

To prevent graphite settling in the lines, the dueling pumps recirculate the mixed lube throughout the plant back into the holding tank.  An ultrasonic sensor measures the lube level in the tank for refilling on demand. 

Flow sensors are installed that totalize how much lube is pumped from both system pumps and also the refill pump. These will also shut the machine down if no flow is sensed. The sensors can be bypassed in case of accidental sensor failure. 

The large round mixing tank incorporates a paddle style mixer that keeps the graphite blend suspended to ensure a constant homogenous mixture.  A sensor sounds an alarm when the tote is at a low level for additional supply.


System can be used on non-graphitic lubricants

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