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Reclaim-Pro Fluid Purification Units

Sustainability comes full circle when the recycling of fluids is achieved. Reclaiming oils instead of disposing of them is environmental and economical common sense. Our Reclaim-Pro™ fluid purification & recycling systems, suited for hydrocarbon or vegetable oils, are known for reducing lubrication requirements by as much as 70% while also decreasing machine downtime.

MSR Coalescing Plate modules are designed to separate oil from coolant and lubricant utilizing the buoyancy of the oil droplets and are one of the best ways to separate two non-mixing liquids. Almost any hydrocarbon oil such as leaked lubricating oils or anti-rust oils can be removed from machine tool coolant and lubricant 

The droplets common in many fluid circuits are generally very small and rise very slowly. To facilitate good removal, the rise distance must be short. Ordinary large empty tanks or separators are not efficient at removing small oil droplets because the distance required for separation is large.

The multiple-angle coalescing plates in our Reclaim-Pro purification units are closely spaced to minimize rise distances and ensure capture of even the smallest of droplets. The coalescing plates are made from an oleophilic “oil-loving” plastic that helps capture droplets and encourages coalescing. The coolant/lubricant flow carries the droplets into the modules where they rise by buoyancy up to the underside of the coalescing plates where they are captured. As more droplets are captured, they form a layer on the plates and eventually break loose as large drops and migrate to the surface through the oil ports designed for that purpose. The oil forms a layer on the surface of the coolant and is eventually removed from the separator to the integral oil holding tank for recycling. This approach eliminates disposal issues as no absorbents are used as well as delivering 10+ years of field life and easy maintenance.

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